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Cyber Bully Hotline

Lincoln Elementary Cyber Bully Hotline

Open 24/7/365

(812) 329-5118

How it works.
  • The CyberBully Hotline can recive voice calls and text messages. To send a voice call, simply dial the number and, after the short        greeting, leave your message. For a text message just send a text to the number. REMBER this service is operational 24/7/365.                               

Who receives the messages?
  • A designated school official receives the message directly. No one else can read or see the messages.                                                  

Is the system anonymous?                                                                                                                                  
  • Yes. The caller ID of the sender is replaced with a "sender ID" that is used for message delivery and reporting only. No names or other information are associated with recived messages.   
  • The CyberBully Hotline gives us the ability to reply to and have two-way anonymous text message conversations.                                   
  • We do not have the ability to relpy to all voice messages, just those left from a mobile device. So if you want a reply to a voice message, please call from a mobile or cellular device. Replies come as a text message.
What information should be sent?
  • Since the service is anonymous, we don't don't know who is sending the message/tip. The more information we are given, the more help we can provide. Users are encouraged to provide as much information as possible or as much as they are comfortable providing.
  • As noted above, we can reply to messages and have an anonymous conversation with the sender. We may ask for more information as necessary.
  • If a CyberBully Hotline user is providing a tip on violence or harmful acts that are being planned by others, we ask that he or she provide as much specific information as possible, immediately, so we can ensure the safety of all students and faculty.
  • Anyone who would like to leave a call back number, or his or her identity, is encouraged to do so.
    • School Office

      Lincoln Elementary School
      2014 F Street
      Bedford, IN  47421

      Phone:  812-275-6311
      Fax:  812-277-7722

      Angela Girgis, Principal
      Angie Tidd, Admin. Asst.

      Mission Statement

      Each student has the right to realize his/her fullest potential physically, mentally, socially, and culturally through a quality education. The staff believes that this can be accomplished by providing an educational program through which each student may acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to live a satisfying life as a responsible citizen. We further believe that the school is just one of the agencies accountable for education and therefore, with the cooperation of the home, church, and surrounding community, the school will provide a healthy learning environment for every person.

      The curriculum is traditionally organized with teachers in kindergarten through fourth teaching all subjects to their classes. Grades five and six regroup for social studies and math. The area of art, music, and physical education are taught by specialists in the respective fields.
    • School Directory

      Administrative Offices - 812-279-3521
      OLJMG Joint Services - 812-279-6651

      High School
      BNL High School - 812-279-9756
      NL Career Center - 812-279-3561

      Middle School
      Bedford Middle School - 812-279-9781
      Oolitic Middle School - 812-275-7551
      Shawswick Middle School - 812-275-6121

      Intermediate School
      Parkview Intermediate - 812-275-3301

      Elementary School
      Dollens Elementary - 812-275-3885
      Fayetteville Elementary - 812-279-2376
      Heltonville Elementary - 812-834-6632
      Lincoln Elementary - 812-275-6311
      Needmore Elementary - 812-279-2192
      Parkview Primary - 812-275-2333
      Shawswick Elementary - 812-279-3115
      Springville Elementary - 812-279-1388
      Stalker Elementary - 812-275-4821

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      Cyberbully Hotline

      Lincoln Elementary has a CyberBully Hotline
      Open 24/7/365
      Call: (812) 329-5118
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